Buying a Property for your SMSF – Why Use a Buyers Agent

I openly admit that I am not an expert in choosing properties (indeed my own personal history with property investing is dismal to say the least!). I work on the structure and strategy with my clients and recommend they do their own in-depth property research or lately I have been recommending people use a Buyer’s Agent if they are inexperienced or lack confidence or want help and advice but need to know that person is working 100% on their behalf.

That brings me to the title of this blog and I asked a local Buyer’s Agent here in the Hills District of Sydney who operates countrywide to explain the role and benefits of a Buyer’s Agent.  So here is our first Guest Post from Louis Fourie of My Choice Properties – Property Investment Advice | Buyers Advocacy | Real Estate Consulting

“Empowering clients to make the right choices!” –

My Choice Properties

Louis Fourie Property Advisor & Buyers Agent

Searching or looking for a home to live in or investing in property, could at best be an intimidating experience. You wouldn’t invest half a million dollars in a business without a strategy or without a business plan, then why would you invest that, or even more, into a property without a plan or strategy? With a process of consultation we determine what clients really need to reach their own personal property goals. Through step by step professional guidance we determine a strategy suitable to our clients needs and finally implement that strategy, finding the home or investment property that credibly suits the designed and agreed personal property strategy.

Why use us as your Property Investment Advisor and Buyers Agent:

  1. We work exclusively for the Property Investor/Home Buyer. We have no alliances with any real estate agencies, selling agents or property developers and we fight for our buyers! There’s a clear distinction between our services and those of selling agents. We don’t sell property, have no ‘stock lists’ and as exclusive buyer’s agent, we only act for the buyer not the seller.
  2. We give our clients choice and by doing independent research and providing professional guidance, we empower our clients to make the right choice and purchase their ideal property at the right price. You don’t have to rich and famous to use our services. We will save you money, time and stress, whatever your budget.
  3. We save our clients heartache. No more the need to try to figure out if my friends ‘advice’ at the BBQ to invest in that ‘hot’ area is credible or not! Believe it or not, but 80% of mistakes that’s made in investing in real estate are made at the buying stage.
  4. We are a fee for service organization and any potential commissions, discounts or fees that we could get back for our clients from developers or vendors; we diligently negotiate back for our clients as far as its possible, often resulting in our clients getting much better return in dollars than what they paid us for our professional services in the first place! This saving could often run into the tens of thousands of dollars or much more. We absolutely do not accept any sales commission or incentives from vendors, builders or developers. We are truly independent.
  5. We will not refer our clients to service providers that don’t have their best interest at heart. We have created a safe environment for property buyers with like-minded people all focused not on: ‘What’s in it for me’, but on: ‘What’s in the best interest of my client’.
  6. We carry appropriate and adequate Professional Indemnity insurance for the services we provide and are fully licensed real estate agents.

Why not build your property portfolio on good foundations? Make your next property acquisition an informed one.

For more information please contact:

Louis Fourie 

Managing Director -My Choice Properties Pty Limited

Tel 1300 24 21 12 | Mobile 0488 907 421

The SMSF Coach or Verante Financial Planning do not request or receive any commissions or referral fees from recommending services like Louis’, we just want the best professional advice for our clients.

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Bye for now.

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