Property in a SMSF

Purchasing property in your SMSF whether outright or using borrowing requires an attention to detail. We have developed a comprehensive guide on the strategy, the process and the options available to you.

Property in an SMSF questions

Before you start

Buying Property through your Super – SMSF

Beware of Property One-Stop-Shops when buying for your SMSF

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering an SMSF Property Investment

 3 Part Guide to Borrowing to Purchase Property in your SMSF

 Strategy Options:

Related Party Borrowing

#SMSF Property Alert : ATO guidance on related party SMSF loans (LRBAs) – Update

Is your SMSF leasing commercial property: Tips and traps

Complex Strategies

Exit Strategies / Insurance

What to do once the Limited Recourse borrowing has been paid out in full

Tips and Traps of Buying Off The Plan (OTP) Property

    I hope this guidance has been helpful and please take the time to comment. Feedback always appreciated. Please reblog, retweet, like on Facebook etc to make sure we get the news out there to do plenty of research first and only trust those that have earned your trust. As always please contact me if you want to look at your own options. We have offices in Castle Hill and Windsor but can meet clients anywhere in Sydney or via Skype.

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    This information has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this you should, before acting on this information, consider its appropriateness, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. This website provides an overview or summary only and it should not be considered a comprehensive statement on any matter or relied upon as such.

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    1. Muhammad Amin

       /  August 15, 2020

      Rich, that was nicely presented. (I also appreciate the kind way you have answered questions….very much a class act.)


    2. Katrina

       /  February 17, 2020

      Does the (so called) 90% rule apply to all assets bought in a SMSF or is residential real estate exempt? Assuming there are no exemptions, if i want to use my super to invest in bricks and mortar, but doing so will mean that my exposure is greater than 90%, is that really a ‘problem’ or do I just need to ensure that my investment strategy clearly stipulates that? Thank you.


    3. Linda Rezek

       /  November 8, 2017

      Hi Liam really enjoy learning more about SMSF. One question I have which I can’t find the answer to anywhere is this:

      Can a SMSF (assuming the Deed allows for purchasing property) purchase a property outright consisting of house and land with a a split contract – one with the owner of the land and other with the builder of the house. Land due to be registered in March 2018 with house build to start approx March/April 2018 with estimated finish time of December 2018. Progress payments are required.

      All the information I have read refers to single acquirable assets with loan recourse borrowing.

      I would appreciate your general advice if this is a possibility.



      • Hi Linda

        The single acquirable asset restriction only applies to SMSF’s who need to borrow for the finance. A SMSF can enter a split contract House and Land if it is not borrowing. You may find the developer asks you to provide a letter from your Adviser / Accountant confirming it is 100% paid for by the SMSF with no borrowing. you also do not need a Bare Trust etc.

        As I don’t know your full circumstances please seek specific personal and SMSF advice before you enter any contract.

        Best wishes


    4. Helen Chandler

       /  June 17, 2015

      Could you please advise me on the cost to transfer a house OUT of a SMSF so the trustees can live in it. We are 62 years old and not working.
      The house is in Qld, we currently live in SA.


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