“We greatly appreciate the regular educational boardroom sessions on how to manage our superannuation and regular strategy articles and legislation updates for SMSF Trustees that we get as part of our service with Verante. We believe we have finally found a financial planner and team that work with us and are looking to improve our knowledge and confidence to embrace our retirement years. You will have us for life!”

D & M   – June 10, 2014

hired Liam as a SMSF Specialist Advisor in 2012


“Liam has brought me peace of mind & great confidence in my financial situation. His professional, friendly service has created order out of the chaos of my self-managed superannuation which now provides me with a comfortable income. Liam is attentive to all my questions & is able to explain issues clearly; making recommendations while allowing me freedom of choice.”

Diane 65+ April 2015

“Liam Shorte is the best adviser we had so far as he is very thorough, fully understand our needs and is very accessible when we needed funds or advice. I highly recommend Liam and have done so to my children. Thank you Liam you are a gentleman. ”

 Doreen, 56-659 May 2015

“Liam is always available for advice whenever I call him, and always has the answers for the questions that I ask him about investments in Australia and overseas.”

 Daniel, 45-5513 Feb 2015

“Liam has really helped us prepare for retirement – thank goodness we engaged Liam several years beforehand.”

Jill, 56-657 Apr 2015

Added up my personal account balances (reports attached) to the Verante Portfolio balance and yes we did it – My balances are now $1,005,225 so I am now officially a

MILLIONAIRE. Woohoo you little beauty _ I am having a beer to celebrate. Owe it all to you and your team though. I had a dream and you guys made it come true so thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated.

Allen B  – June 4, 2014

hired Liam as a Financial Advisor in 2009


“Liam Shorte is definitely one of the better SMSF experts that I’ve ever met – and I worked in the accounting industry for years. His technical knowledge is only surpassed by his bright and happy demeanor. Liam’s duty of care extends first & fore-mostly to his clients, and not to his own commissions. This is the kind of integrity you need when trusting someone to look after your retirement fund, and why I can wholeheartedly endorse Liam to anyone.” October 4, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

James Garland
hired Liam as a Financial Advisor in 2011


“Liam is great to work with and helps me and my clients through the quagmire of financial matters. He is upfront, has a deep knowledge of his industry and thinks outside the box, so can be very innovative. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for financial advice, in particular Self Managed Super Funds! Check out his daily paper at http://paper.li/SMSFCoach” June 30, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Bev Kelly
hired Liam as a Financial Advisor in 2010


“Liam is very personable and concerned for his client’s well being both personally and financially. He has an indepth knowledge of financial planning with a concentration on SMSFs. I have no hesitation in recommending him to clients,friends or family members.” February 2, 2012

Martin Collins, Principal, Collins Legal
worked directly with Liam at NextGen Wealth Solutions


“Liam has looked after many of my clients with Superannuation, Insurance & income protection. He is very professional & personable and advises people with a great Can Do attitude. Nothing is to much or too hard. He guides anyone I have sent in the right direction. He looks after my own Superannuation and has advised me on how to grow it very comfortably and uses laymen terms rather than trying to understand the Jargon in the documents.

I can highly recommend his personalised service and care” October 12, 2010

Rosa Bellissimo, Business Manager, Financewerx


“My wife and I have started using Liam’s expertise and services as we plan for our future. He has put our minds at ease and made some recommendations that will enable us to look after ourselves if something unexpected happens, and more importantly he has helped us put in place our strategy for family planning and on to our retirement. I can thoroughly recommend Liam and Verante. He definitely is a Wealth Adviser you can rely on.” September 21, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

hired Liam as a Financial Advisor in 2010

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