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  1. The great advantage of an SMSF is that you’re in control. Asset allocation, tax strategies, insurance options and retirement planning – it’s all up to you. Superannuation has changed in the last year and there will be more paperwork to go with it in the coming year.


  2. ubetido

     /  September 5, 2013

    Hi Liam

    How much are your fees.

    How much do you need to have in your Superannuation to consider a SMSF

    Do you deal exclusively with SMSF or do you do other Financial planning.

    Regards Alf


    • Hi

      Thank you for the enquiry. Our fees depend on your needs but we have a minimum Strategy Retainer of $1,870 (incl GST). We normally meet with you to discuss your need and then provide a written quote on a Fee for Service basis via a Letter of Engagement. So you know before you commit what your costs are likely to be.

      To set up an SMSF I still believe you should have a minimum $150,000 if you are willing to use one of the online administrators and be prepared to scan and deal with queries online. Otherwise you need about $250,000 if you are going to use a local Accountant as their fees are higher but they offer a more personalised service.

      I find that in general about 3-5 out of 10 people we deal with are suited to a SMSF so we do have a full range of alternatives available for clients to use. We are happy to advise on Industry Funds, Employer funds, Retail and Super Wraps. Working on a Fee for Service basis means we provide the advice, structure and strategy regardless of the product. Our main Financial Planning website is http://www.verante.com.au . As most successful planning revolves around the strategies such as salary sacrifice, super splitting , transition pensions, re-contributions and insurance, we fidn that is where the value is added by an adviser. So objectives, strcuture and strategy first with product the last thing you should consider.

      We have tried to structure our business to suit people’s needs which usually revolve around Life Events, such a reaching 50,55, 65 etc or starting family, redundancy, divorce or self-employment.

      So please take up our offer of a Free Initial consultation and think of it as a Financial Health Check!

      best wishes



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