There is more to success in life than money.

Financial Security

In my search for more information for my SMSF clients on building wealth, achieving happiness and financial security I’m pleased to share with you part 1 of NAB’s latest whitepaper: Rethink Success.

This research explores what ‘success’ looks like for 2,000 Australians aged 16-70 years, and considers the importance and relevance of quantitative measures of success such as wealth, status and home ownership against qualitative factors such as experience, personal fulfilment and wellbeing.

Key insights

  • Australians rank happiness as the top measure of success
  • There is a disconnect between what Australians value personally, and what we think society values
    Success is a work in progress, with 71% believing they’re still working towards achieving it
  • This research also highlights the value Australians place on the experiences money enables them to have such as feeling financially secure, travelling overseas and buying a house.

Please read the full report here whitepaper, and share it with your partner, spouse and family and maybe come and see us about a plan to help achieve your financial peace of mind which can aid that search for happiness.

Liam Shorte


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  1. There is more to success in life than money. – Matters of Money

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