Seeking advice makes people proactive on super – SMSF clients even more so.

According to new research released by Mercer, superannuation fund members who obtain advice are twice as likely to make additional contributions,.

The research – released in August 2012 – said those receiving advice were also twice as likely to make a beneficiary update and five times more likely to make an insurance underwriting enquiry. (source: Money Management article on Mercer study 07/08/2012)

I will go a step further and say that of all superannuation sectors it is SMSF members and trustees who take the bull by the horns and make the most of the strategies available to them after receiving competent advice from a SMSF Specialist Advisor™. they start an SMSF to have control and flexibility but after taking advice :

  1. They are more likely to use a Transition to retirement strategy earlier after getting advice
  2. They consider retaining insurance in a separate fund to save fees or transfer the cover rather than simply letting it lapse on rollover.
  3. They are more proactive about seeking out lost super funds
  4. They are more likely to have multiple pensions segregating tax free amounts for estate planning.
  5. They are focused on maximising the potential of the concessionally tax structure by investing in high yield and highly franked investments.
  6. They are more likely to adjust their portfolios tactically to take advantage of the change in market cycles.
  7. They are more focused on getting the best rate for their cash and fixed interest investments rather than accepting the offer from the current provider.
  8. More likely to use Super Splitting to even up accoutn balances and protect against future legislative change
  9. They can learn the benefits of recontribution strategies for Estate Planning.

So if you have an SMSF or indeed a retail or industry superannuation fund go and take some advice as it opens your eyes to the potential strategies available to you no matter your age, assets or experience.

For those who have benefited from advice or are advisors, I challenge you to add other benefits to this list (leave a comment) so others can learn.

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Important information :

The information in this article is provided for illustrative purposes only and does not take into consideration your personal circumstances. You are encouraged to seek financial advice suitable to your circumstances to avoid a decision that is not appropriate. Any reference to your actual circumstances is coincidental. Genesys and its representatives receive fees and brokerage from the provision of financial advice or placement of financial products.

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  1. I already shared you on my Facebook. Now, and my friends can get involved into building a self managed super fund 🙂
    I already have my SMSF and now I am increasing the monthly amount, and even thinking of in Property Investment.



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