SMSF Jargon busting – Who are the related parties of an SMSF?

"Related Parties"

So you have a great idea to move some assets to your SMSF but you want to stay within the rules and keep your fund compliant. Then you hit the jargon associated with Superannuation rules and regulations.

You need to understand who are “related parties” of your SMSF for two reasons, to ensure compliance with the acquisition from a related party rules and to determine the in-house assets.

A related party is defined in the Superannuation Industry Supervision) Act 1993 known as the SIS Act. This is the bible when it comes to Superannuation so you should save that link above. Anyway in the SIS Act sec 10(1) a related party is defined as:

  • Fund member
  • Standard employer-sponsor of the fund or
  • Part 8 associate of a fund member or a part 8 associate of a standard employer-sponsor of the fund.

Ok the first one is easy. Any member including you yourself is a related party.

Standard Employer

A standard employer sponsor of a fund is an employer who contributes to the fund due to an agreement between the employer and the trustee of the fund. These were common in the early days of SMSFs but largely non-existent now.

Where an employer only contributes to a fund due to an agreement between the member and the employer such as under a salary sacrifice arrangement, they will not be considered a standard employer sponsor.

If an SMSF has a standard employer sponsor, which would be uncommon, the relationship will be noted either in the trust deed or in an attached schedule to the deed.

Part 8 associate

Now prepare for a headache to hit you hard after reading this one.

Part 8 associates are broken down in the legislation to Part 8 associates of individuals, companies and partnerships. However, if there is no standard employer sponsor, we only need to examine the part 8 associates of the members who will always be individuals.

The part 8 associates of a member are:

  1. a relative of the member (parent, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, linear descendant or adopted child of the member or their spouse or a spouse of the aforementioned)
  2. other members of the SMSF (a person who is not a member but acting as individual trustee or director under an Enduring Power of Attorney is not necessarily a Part 8 associate)
  3. a partner of the member (legal partnership, not ‘business partners’ i.e. company directors) and their spouses and children
  4. the trustee of a trust the member controls and
  5. a company sufficiently influenced by, or in which majority voting interest is held by the member and their Part 8 associates either individually or together.

A member of the fund will be deemed to control a trust where the member and/or their part 8 associates are:

  • entitled to a fixed entitlement of more than 50 per cent of the capital of the trust,
  • entitled to a fixed entitlement of more than 50 per cent of the income of the trust,
  • able or accustomed (formally or informally) to direct the trustees to act in accordance with their directions or
  • able to appoint or remove trustees.

A company will be deemed to be controlled by a member where the directors are accustomed or under an obligation to act under the instructions of the member and/ or their Part 8 associates or the member and/ or their part 8 associates have more than 50 per cent of the voting rights.

OK, so I warned you to beware of the headache inducing nature of dealing with “Part 8 Associates”. Was I right or was I RIGHT!

The best advice I can give you is to get advice before transferring assets and ask for the advice and get that advice in writing so all parties are sure of the scenario and no mistakes are made.

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  1. Gary Turner

     /  September 29, 2020


    I have two SMSFs and I am the sole director and sole member of each. Both funds are 100% tax free and in pension phase only.

    I wish to merge the two funds into one, which would involve effectively selling a residential property from one to the other.

    Does transfer of a residential property between two funds in this situation breach the S66 rules?


  2. Great stuff Liam. The importance of getting this right should not be overlooked. If the transfer is deemed to be by a related party the in house assets rules apply which in most cases will negate the benefit of making the transfer/purchase to begin with.

    Liked by 1 person

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