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  1. Liam,

    Congratulations on a great article that explores the four stages of retirement. I have spoken on this topic to audiences on many occassions however I tend to describe the Family Support Stage as the “carers of the young and the old”.

    Many retirees today still have parents living, courtesy of an improving life expectancy. As such, many retirees are now not only caring for their grandchildren a couple of days a week (or longer!) but they may be doing the daily visit to Mum or Dad who is either stilll living in their own home, or is in residential aged care.

    These are very interesting social dynamics that could result in a retiree foregoing their own active retirement as a result of a sense of responsibility to their wider family.

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    • Great point Peter and I should have picked up on that especially as we have my mother-in-law living with us and I see the time and effort my wife puts in taking care of her. As a result she only works part time which reduces our own retirement savings. Again I reinforce that we love her and are happy to care for her but we must also be realistic and understand it reduces our retirement funds and leisure time.



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