Don’t lose your insurance cover in the haste to rollover to a SMSF.

Just because you are unhappy with your superannuation investment results is no reason to put you or your family’s future at risk by losing your insurance cover in the process of changing.

don't lose your insurance in a rollover to SMSF

A good professional like an SMSF Specialist Advisor™ will always ensure you assess your insurance needs before withdrawing.

This issue is becoming even more relevant now that the new SMSF rules require Trustees to consider the member’s insurance needs regularly. See here for more detail.

Ok, so you have decided to start your own Self Managed Super Fund or move to one that you feel better meets your needs. That is fine, but one of the things you should look at doing is protecting any cover you have in your current fund by either keeping some money in your current fund to pay for ongoing insurance premiums or taking out replacement insurance cover in the name of your new SMSF.  (more…)

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