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  1. There are plenty of vulnerable people affected by the Shorten-Bowen proposal, which is in effect to pocket refunds of tax already paid by a Company due to those earning less than a poverty income. This is, of course, comparable with PAYG tax deducted from wage income, which is currently similarly (and properly) refunded if a taxpayer’s income falls below the level at which tax was estimated. Of course abolition of franking refunds may catch some less deserving, but the bluntness is poorly designed policy, and as your article suggests, penalises receipt of income from a class of asset, which is both unfair and structurally ill-judged.


  2. Stephen

     /  September 12, 2018

    Excellent article from Scott. I agree. If self-interest in a debate were a disease, it would have attained pandemic status months ago. Watching the procession of bloggers out there on this issue, I am reminded of NSW Premier Jack Lang’s famous quote “In the game of life, always back self-interest.” Anyway, I do hope that Scott’s ideas have or will (when the time is right) form the basis of a submission to both major parties and their advisors.


  3. Ted Carter

     /  March 24, 2018

    Gidday. Great to see someone in your game owning the fact that the current situation is unfair and unsustainable.
    The only point I would make to you is that we don’t all have the same opportunities in life. For all manner of reasons people reach retirement in less than desirable financial straits.
    Superannuation was designed to provide a retirement nestegg so that people could supplement their pension and live a comfortable life upon retirement. It was never intended for the tax advantages of super contributions to be utilised in the accumuklation of an inheritance by the wealthy in our society. I think this issue needs lokking at.
    The article was a good read. You changed my mind on a matter I was fairly sure of. I will write some letters and send off some Emails to the pollies.
    Thanks for presenting the facts and getting a debate going. Our democracy needs more of this. It’s refreshing


    • Hi Ted, thank you for the feedback. We really need to have a national discussion on tax, Superannuation and welfare but to do somproperly we need to take the politics and short-termism out of the debate and focus on what we want to achieve Long term which means taking care of the vulnerable and encouraging self reliance at the same time and not punishing either.



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