Reminder: Minimum annual payments for Superannuation Income Streams in 2014 / 15 including SMSF Pensions.

Yes the Government have been messing about with the system so much over the last few years that many clients have been totally confused and had to confirm their minimum pension payments for last year so I thought I would just remind everyone of this years limits so they can put their payment plans in place.

How much to take to stay compliant with your pension

How much to take to stay compliant with your pension

If you started a pension or annuity on or after 1 July 2007, a minimum pension amount is required to be paid each year. There is no maximum amount other than the balance of your super account, unless it is a transition to retirement pension in which case the maximum amount is 10% of the account balance.

The minimum payment amounts will not be reduced for the  2014-15 year. The following table shows the minimum percentage factor (indicative only) for each age group.


Minimum % withdrawal (2014-15)

Under 65












95 or more


Note that these withdrawal factors are indicative only. To determine the precise minimum annual payment (especially for market linked income streams), see the pro-rating, rounding and other rules in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994.

For rules and limits on other Payments from super here are the relevant links to the ATO site.

Low rate cap amount

Untaxed plan cap amount

Minimum annual payments for super income streams

Preservation age

Super lump sum tax table

Super income stream tax tables

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